Taxi, taxi...

Ground Transportation

Moving to and from the airport has never been easier. Once you have claimed your baggage and bike box, exit any terminal and there will be taxis waiting in line to move you to your hotel of choice. These taxis are usually 15 passenger vans for one party. The average one-way fee ranges between $20-$25 depending on your destination. Bike boxes fit comfortably in these air conditioned vans. For additional information please refer to this web site

From your hotel you may want to call one of these taxi companies:

  • Über - limited operations to airport and several hotels.
  • Astro Taxi - 1-787-727-8889
  • Cooperativa de Servicio Capetillo Taxi - 1-787-758-7000
  • Cooperativa Major Taxi - 1-787-723-2460
  • Metro-Taxi Cab Inc. - 1-787-725-2870
  • Rochdale Radio Taxi - 1-787-721-1900

      January 26-28, 2018