Training Programs

As La Vuelta Puerto Rico continues to grow, we will continue to add training programs and training centers that have experienced staff. All of these have been to La Vuelta before and can give you first hand accounts on what needs to be done to have a successful rider.

Puerto Rico

  • Mig Cycling System: This program is led by Migdalia Matos who is a Personal Trainer certified by “National Strength and Conditioning Association”. She is also... League of American Bicyclist Instructor, Cyclist Coach specialist with over 15 years experience, Cyclist Coach level 2 UCI license, profesional “bike fitter”, 3-star spinning instructor, certified local Sports and Recreation Department Multi-sport events Director, speaker, certified as a continued educational professor in "Bike Fitting for Stationary Bikes" for Puerto Rico, cycling enthusiast and advocate. For detailed information on her training package, contact Migdalia HERE.


  • Motion Fit: The original 18-week training program for La Vuelta is managed by 3-time Vuelta Road Captain, Certified Cycling, Triathlon coach and bike fitter Kameel Abdurrahman, an Orlando, Florida resident. MotionFit also offers a three-day cycling camp catering to La Vuelta, it is one of the most anticipated training events athletes from across the state have attended and raved about. The cycling camp simulates as close as an experience to the true La Vuelta ride outside of the island; offering mental and physical comfort, knowledge, and edge new and returning riders are guaranteed to benefit from.

Online Training

  • Coming soon