What the Riders had to Say:


  • Testimonials

    "The police escort was awesome. I can't believe how well they did their job, how well the event was organized and how beautiful and clean Puerto Rico is. We will be back!"
    Whit Snell, 2014 

    "You have created an event unlike any other in the world. Well done! And thank you."
    Lorri Lee Lown, 2014

    "To the director and staff my hat off to La Vuelta Team. The 2014 event surpassed 2013 by far. Your team truly displayed what Puertorriqueños are all about, warmth and happy people always willing to go the extra mile to help others. The logistic arrangements were superb and the oasis were as always well supplied with fresh fruits and variety of drinks. El Tour the San Juan was a highlight as well, setting the expectations for the weekend. You are a leader in our community who is putting our Island out there for the world to know about us. My most sincere congratulations!" 
    Roberto (Goofy) Cintrón, 2014

    "I would like to extend my gratitude and acknowledgment for the success in putting together and organizing such a great and complex event. You have a team made up of good and dedicated people. For me, a beginner of almost 73 years old in my first cycling event, it was a great experience."
    Wilfredo Heigel, 2014

    "We were worried we were going to gain weight. There was so much food at La Vuelta."
    Erik Post, 2014

    "La Vuelta was incredible! You more than exceeded what I expected! It is definitely worth the wait! See you next year!"
    Katherine Mazza, 2014  

    "Awesome event!! I was a first timer and can't wait to go back! Great job!!!"
    Josue Cortes, 2014 

    "Thank you for everything. La Vuelta was a super experience!"
    A. Pujols Noboa, 2013

    "Awesome support crew, AWESOME!!!"
    O. Pérez, 2013

    "As always, what a fabulously organized event. Thank You! Rode with a bunch of great people!"
    D, Houlzet, 2013

    " Just awesome! Our 5th and it gets better every year!"
    S. Quick, 2013

    "I commend your efforts and for championing once again a life changing event known as La Vuelta!!!! It has truly changed my life and the way I see things now in my life."
    R. Cintron, 2013

    "Thank you for putting together an amazing event that shows off many things that are so wonderful about our isla."
    F. (Paco Flaco) Rosado, First ever single speed participant, 2012

    "Writing my article, it felt like I was reliving the Vuelta once again and made me appreciate even more. We will be back next year.... With a bit more training before in my legs."
    Pat Wells. 2011

    "We laughed. We cursed each other out. We raced for nothing and everything like our lives depended on it. We’d become part of the landscape and of the place itself … I was proud of what I’d been able to accomplish in Puerto Rico. But that training goal had taken a distant second place to what I had gained … racing around one of the most beautiful places on the planet with a cast of characters that feel like family."
    S. Yeager aka "FitChick", 2011

    "An exceptional event that I will treasure for a lifetime."
    R. Antolino, 2009

    "…came away not wanting to leave Puerto Rico. From the police escorts, to the food stops, to the hospitality and organization, it was a really well done event. I definitely am looking forward to next year and it cannot come soon enough!"
    P. Contino, 2008

    "…a truly World Class Event that made the journey worth taking."
    L. Cherry, 2008

    "…the ride itself? I would have to say some of the literally most breathtaking views I have seen from the saddle of a bike. That means going up some huge climbs with my lungs and legs begging for mercy, while seeing ocean, beach, shoreline, palms, etc below.... WAY below. Then screaming down the other side of course! Let me tell you, PR is NOT flat."
    S. Gray, 2008

    "... I have raced all over the world (mostly on foot) and have never encountered organization any where near as good as provided by you across the 3 days. Nothing was left to chance & the experience was so much more enjoyable for it."
    J. Elson, 2008