DVD Photography Package

(Additional Cost: $49 or $25 if purchased when you register)

DVDs of the thousands of photographs taken during La Vuelta Puerto Rico will be available after the event from Kip Pierson Photography. Kip Pierson is a former Vuelta Puerto Rico participant who has been documenting our event for the past ten (10) years.

Kip does not sell individual images. Instead, he produces custom made DVD's with the specific groups that you ride in. For example, if you ride in Peloton A on all 3 days, you will receive photos from that peloton for the three days. If you ride in Peloton B on days 1 & 2 and switched to Peloton C on day 3, you would receive the photos accordingly.
For a sample of Kip’s amazing work, check out the SLIDESHOW section. To purchase the DVD please visit this site HERE.