The Event

La Vuelta is a premier cycling event for serious endurance athletes looking for a "pro-like" experience. In three days, a fast-paced group of international cyclists, divided into three pelotons, covers a 375-mile course that encircles the entire island of Puerto Rico. The route takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes, including the lush foothills of the tropical rain forest, serene coconut plantations, exotic beaches, world-class marinas and 42 coastal towns.

For many, riding La Vuelta is like being part of a professional stage race, without the actual racing. Police escorts and rolling roadblocks keep the international peloton moving through streets filled with cheering spectators. Motorcycles transporting photographers and filmmakers capture the drama as it unfolds, and a caravan of support vehicles is always present and at the ready.

Unlike a stage race, La Vuelta features rest stops throughout the day where riders can 'relax' for a short period and take in the breathtaking scenery while enjoying local cuisine and Caribbean hospitality before climbing back on their bikes for more pedal-pounding pleasure.

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      January 25-27, 2019